autosave true (boolean)

Enable or disable automatic config save if new mining profiles are generated.

background false (boolean)

Run XMRig in the foreground or background.

title true (string, boolean)

This option controls the title of the console window on Windows. #1708

dmi true (boolean)

Enable or disable DMI/SMBIOS reader. #2052

watch true (boolean)

Enable or disable config file watching. If this feature enabled and config file was changed on disk the miner will reload config.

pause-on-battery false (boolean)

Enable or disable pause mine on battery power.

pause-on-active false (number, boolean)

Enable or disable pause mine when the user is active. Optionally this option accepts a number of seconds, if the user is away for more than specified number of seconds mine will resume, true equals to 60 seconds. This option is supported on Windows and macOS.