Get network object for specified coin.


Get an array of network objects for all supported by API coins.

Network object

Object with short network summary.

  "coin": "XMR",
  "hash": "0194ca54327f2e997d8286f9355e5a892121d1028dce7a10ace095db73705b53",
  "major_version": 12,
  "difficulty": 156507748988,
  "target": 120,
  "height": 2175193,
  "reward": 1460595207335,
  "units": 1000000000000,
  "ts": 1598723700495,
  "algo": "rx/0"
coinCoinCoin code.
hashStringHash of last network block.
major_versionNumberMajor version of last network block.
difficultyNumberCurrent network difficulty.
targetNumberBlock time target in seconds, use difficulty / target to get network hashrate.
heightNumber Current network height.
rewardNumberReward of last network block in atomic units.
unitsNumberUse reward / units to get human readable reward value.
tsTimestampTime when last block actually mined (discovered by API).
algoAlgorithmCurrent network PoW algorithm.