Tor Tor & SOCKS5

Since version 5.7.0 the miner supports SOCKS5 proxies and it means it can work with Tor without external tools.

Example below for HashVault pool and Tor Browser (port 9150):

    "pools": [
            "url": "hashvaultsvg2rinvxz7kos77hdfm6zrd5yco3tx2yh2linsmusfwyad.onion:443",
            "user": "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS",
            "tls": true,
            "socks5": 9150
  • Key option is "socks5": 9150 where 9150 is Tor Browser SOCKS5 port, for standalone Tor daemon replace port to 9050.
  • As alternative you can specify port with host: "socks5": ""
  • Example above use TLS over Tor "tls": true, for .onion addresses it's redundant, but supported as well.

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