Latest release


Get information about the latest stable release for a specific project. Possible values for the project parameter: xmrig , cuda and proxy


Alias to

Query parameters

version_gtStringReturn results only if current version greater than specified, useful for check updates.
idStringReturn results only if the asset with specified id is found, also filter assets array to contain only one requested asset.

Release object

Object with information about latest release.

  "url": "",
  "version": "6.3.3",
  "ts": 1598627267000,
  "assets": [
urlStringUrl to a release page on GitHub.
versionStringRelease version.
tsTimestampRelease timestamp.
assetsArrayArray of asset objects, explained below.

Asset object

Object represents a single download item, one release contains multiple asset objects as an array.

  "os": "windows-x64",
  "id": "msvc-win64",
  "name": "",
  "url": "",
  "size": 1931716,
  "ts": 1598627243000,
  "hash": "98f370f87b75e9d2718837c91746a0e6e04d292f4a348bc3fc457c5abdbc94e5"
osStringOS code combined with CPU arch.
idStringAsset ID retrieved from file name.
nameStringAsset name.
urlStringDownload url.
sizeNumberAsset size in bytes.
tsTimestampAsset timestamp.
hashStringSHA256 hash of asset file.
cudaStringCUDA version, only available for cuda project.