# Current algorithms 25

argon2/chukwa512 KB3.1.0+Argon2id (Chukwa).
argon2/wrkz256 KB3.1.0+Argon2id (WRKZ)
rx/test2 MB3.0.0+RandomX (reference configuration).
rx/02 MB3.0.0+RandomX (reference configuration), reserved for future use.
rx/wow1 MB3.0.0+RandomWOW.
rx/loki2 MB3.0.0+RandomXL.
cn/fast2 MB3.0.0+CryptoNight variant 1 with half iterations.
cn/rwz2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with 3/4 iterations and reversed shuffle operation.
cn/zls2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with 3/4 iterations.
cn/double2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with double iterations.
cn/r2 MB2.13.0+CryptoNightR (Monero's variant 4).
cn/wow2 MB2.12.0+CryptoNightR (Wownero).
cn/gpu2 MB2.11.0+CryptoNight-GPU.
cn-pico256 KB2.10.0+CryptoNight-Pico.
cn/half2 MB2.9.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with half iterations.
cn/22 MB2.8.0+CryptoNight variant 2.
cn/xao2 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight variant 0 (modified).
cn/rto2 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight variant 1 (modified).
cn-heavy/tube4 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight-Heavy (modified).
cn-heavy/xhv4 MB2.6.3+CryptoNight-Heavy (modified).
cn-heavy/04 MB2.6.0+CryptoNight-Heavy.
cn/12 MB2.5.0+CryptoNight variant 1.
cn-lite/11 MB2.5.0+CryptoNight-Lite variant 1.
cn-lite/01 MB0.8.0+CryptoNight-Lite variant 0.
cn/02 MB0.5.0+CryptoNight (original).

# Removed algorithms 3

cn/msr2 MB2.6.3+Renamed to cn/fast, still supported as alias.
cn/xtl2 MB2.6.1-2.16.0Coin forked to cn/half.
cn-lite/ipbc1 MB2.6.1-2.6.3Coin forked to cn-heavy/tube.