Algorithm can be defined in 3 ways:

  1. By pool, using algorithm negotiation, in this case no need specify algorithm on miner side.
  2. Per pool coin option, currently only usable values for this option is monero and arqma.
  3. Per pool algo option.
Option coin useful for pools without algorithm negotiation support or daemon to allow automatically switch algorithm in next hard fork. If you use xmrig-proxy don't need specify algorithm on miner side.

# Algorithm names 25

rx/arq256 KB4.3.0+RandomARQ (RandomX variant for ArQmA).
rx/02 MB3.2.0+RandomX (Monero).
argon2/chukwa512 KB3.1.0+Argon2id (Chukwa).
argon2/wrkz256 KB3.1.0+Argon2id (WRKZ)
rx/wow1 MB3.0.0+RandomWOW (RandomX variant for Wownero).
rx/loki2 MB3.0.0+RandomXL (RandomX variant for Loki).
cn/fast2 MB3.0.0+CryptoNight variant 1 with half iterations.
cn/rwz2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with 3/4 iterations and reversed shuffle operation.
cn/zls2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with 3/4 iterations.
cn/double2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with double iterations.
cn/r2 MB2.13.0+CryptoNightR (Monero's variant 4).
cn/wow2 MB2.12.0+CryptoNightR (Wownero).
cn/gpu2 MB2.11.0+CryptoNight-GPU.
cn-pico256 KB2.10.0+CryptoNight-Pico.
cn/half2 MB2.9.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with half iterations.
cn/22 MB2.8.0+CryptoNight variant 2.
cn/xao2 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight variant 0 (modified).
cn/rto2 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight variant 1 (modified).
cn-heavy/tube4 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight-Heavy (modified).
cn-heavy/xhv4 MB2.6.3+CryptoNight-Heavy (modified).
cn-heavy/04 MB2.6.0+CryptoNight-Heavy.
cn/12 MB2.5.0+CryptoNight variant 1.
cn-lite/11 MB2.5.0+CryptoNight-Lite variant 1.
cn-lite/01 MB0.8.0+CryptoNight-Lite variant 0.
cn/02 MB0.5.0+CryptoNight (original).

Alternative algorithm names (aliases) can be found in source code.